What is a Doula and what does she do?

The word Doula has its origins as an ancient Greek word meaning female servant. Doula has evolved to mean a woman knowledgeable about childbirth and who provides continuous labour support.

A doula is well educated about various medical procedures used in pregnancy and childbirth and can provide information about these before and during the labour and birth.

A doula is trained in how to provide comfort, support, and encouragement to the labouring woman. She helps to include the woman's partner in the birthing experience.

A Doula assists in establishing breastfeeding and can offer some troubleshooting advice.


Doula Benefits

From Klaus and Kennell Study: How a Doula Can Help You Have a Shorter and Healthier Birth. 1993

My Service Package

Initial consultation; getting to know each other

Two prenatal visits; addressing any concerns, creating a birth plan

24 hour telephone access

Labour and delivery support; continuous support

One postnatal visit; help with breastfeeding, addressing any concerns

As a doula I can help provide emotional and physical support as well as information to help mom and partner make informed decisions.

I do not take the place of the birthing woman's partner but will encourage and support the partner in becoming part of the birthing process.

I offer continuous labour and delivery support. Massage, visualization, and positioning are some of the techniques that I use. I believe in a woman's ability to give birth.


My Biography

I am the mother of three beautiful children, all whom have been breastfed, and a Global Birth Institute trained doula.

I created OceanSide Doula Services in July of 2003 as a way to fulfill the need for professional birthing support, for women and their partners.

I trained as a Medical Office Assistant in 1998. It was a natural draw towards pregnancy and infants that changed my career path as well as an interest in helping mothers achieve the birth they desire.

OceanSide Doula Services

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